Monday, 7 January 2019

Foot Reflexology, $60 or $75. Very relaxing!

Foot Reflexology works on the meridians through the body.
A session will make you feel  fabulous, more optimistic, lighter, more positive.

Meridians are not an obscure or foreign concept, think of them as 14 tangible pathways that carry energy into, through and out of your body. They connect the "dots", hundreds of tiny reservoirs of heat, electromagnetic, and more subtle energies along the surface of the skin.

Known in Chinese medicine as acupuncture points, these energy dots can be stimulated with needles or (as in Foot Reflexology) with physical pressure through the top of fingers and thumbs of the therapist. These points on the feet have a close relationship to specific organs.

Disturbances (blockages) in meridian energies correlate with ill health.

Foot Reflexology Sessions

  • A treatment aims to restore the systems for better function of the energy pathways. 
  • It can help you with emotional problems (feeling nervous, insecure, anxious etc).
  • Physical problems (pain in neck, migraines) or just enhances overall well being.

A treatment or session lasts about an hour $60 or 75 minutes $75. Including a pedicure $95

There is no need to get undressed as it is required that only shoes and socks are removed.

Please don't drink coffee before a session. The purpose is to fully and deeply relax.

You'll will leave feeling fabulous, more optimistic, lighter, more positive.

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Today I treated myself to foot reflexology with Karin.  This was a blissful, relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  Thank you for your expert care, Karin.  MG.  Motueka NZ.

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