Tuesday, 7 May 2019

FACE CARE all natural $45 or $60

Image result for rose images free downloadI am so pleased I discovered your treatments.  I have a regular facial as I love that you use natural products.  It also makes me feel great. I arrive feeling ordinary and leave with glowing skin and feeling at peace with the world. 
Helen, Motueka

I totally enjoyed the facial and neck massages Karin gave me! While my face relaxed with a natural face mask Karin pampered my hands. All products were made from natural products. I recommend this to everyone!
Jacqueline, Student and Mother, Upper Moutere.

*   30 minutes Trilogy Rosehip oil facial, incl cleansing, 
massage, ROSE toner, acupressure points     $45

*  45 minutes Trilogy Rosehip oil facial deluxe, as above 
plus face mask (hand massage meanwhile), and massage scalp/neck/shoulders,
acupressure points $60 

                     KARIN   PH 528-7186 for appointments
              (in Motueka in beautiful New Zealand)
              Looking forward to meeting you !🙂🙂

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relaxing is just what you need
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