Monday, 20 July 2020


What is Reflexology?
A harmless therapy using finger pressure
on specific points of your feet corresponding with parts of the body. I have studied the Eunice D. Ingham Method.

Therapists can stimulate the body to heal itself to return
to harmony and balance in your life.
Reflexology is a holistic health treatment (working on the whole body not just a sore spot).

Those suffering from migraines, stress, muscular tension could hugely benefit from a regular foot reflexology!

 60 minutes $60
75 minutes $75 includes a gentle leg massage using Calendula Oil

                                                                                       CALENDULA OIL
                                                                                        $20 for 200ml

I had a 75 minute Reflexology and leg massage, it was very relaxing. I felt 
tension in my body go away.  I  highly recommend Karin Lummis studio for massage treatments.
Paulette, Motueka

For an appointment
call Karin 03 5287186

or email karin.lummis{at}

Looking forward to work together towards
your well-being!

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